Industrial Cleaning Services – Ormonde Ostrava

Even at -6°C our company provides professional tank cleaning services, including vapour/gases cleaning by our scrubber unit and cleaning with ultra high-pressure unit at 90 degrees.

As part of our professional approach to industrial cleaning services we offer high power suction excavation, ultra high pressure units, ultra sonic system, drain cleaning combi unit operated by our professionally trained staff who operate to the highest of standards to ensure we provide you the highest level inclusive industrial cleaning services.

Ormonde provinces Industrial cleaning services in Ostrava and across the Czech Republic. For more information’s regarding our professional industrial cleaning services, including technology cleaning, tank cleaning, biogas station cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, factory de-dusting, drain cleaning and other professional industrial cleaning, facility management and environmental services.

For more information contact a member of our team in Ostrava, Brno or Prague please check our contacts page at,

For the best industrial cleaning services in the Czech republic, including heat exchanger cleaning, tank cleaning, industrial vacuuming services, suction excavator services, high powered suction and vacuuming services, ultra-high pressure water cleaning (water blasting), technology cleaning and catalyst cleaning services in Czech Republic including, catalyst loading, catalyst unloading / removal, catalyst disposal contact a member of the Ormonde team in Ostrava, Brno or Prague.